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FCB connects you to the best and newest charter buses in South Beach FL, one of the leading college towns in the United States and the capital of Florida. We work hard 24 hours a day to arrange you with the best transportation in town and the rest of Florida. No matter how big or small your group is, we will get you a bus to take you anywhere you wish. For more details and specials please call us!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Charter A Bus Around South Beach

South Beach is a glamorous but crowded part of Miami Beach. Don’t let the stress of getting around a new city keep you from experiencing its rich culture and vibrant nightlife. Check out our top 10 reasons you should charter a bus in South Beach below:

1. You’ll save on airfare & car rental fees.

Expensive airfare and hidden rental car fees can make group travel a nightmare. Pay less per person and receive a straightforward rate when you charter a motorcoach with GOGO Charters.

2. The bus routes and schedules revolve around you.

With public transportation options like Metrobus, you can only travel along set routes at specific times of the day. Rent a motorcoach to move anywhere around South Beach on your own time.

Feel like taking a day trip to Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach? Your driver will gladly take you as far as you want to travel.

3. Style and comfort come standard.

Escape the Miami heat with air conditioned motorcoaches. Each luxury bus comes standard with amenities like reclining seats, TV monitors, a DVD player, and a restroom. We can also accommodate passengers who need wifi and power outlets.

Want to party Miami-style? Charter a party bus to take you to popular nightclubs like Rockwell or Twist.

4. Your group can travel together.

Keep your entire group together by renting a bus. Carpooling and ride-sharing apps like Uber divide groups into multiple vehicles. This leads to people arriving late, getting lost, or not showing up at all.

To arrive on time and bond as a group, call us at 1-855-826-6770 today to receive a quote and make a reservation.

5. Your driver will handle the hassle of traffic and parking.

Locals and tourists flock to South Beach for parties, entertainment, and socializing. Its lively streets quickly become crowded, causing visitors who are unfamiliar with the area to become overwhelmed and anxious.

When you arrive at your destination, let your driver find a parking spot while you explore Miami. Focus on having fun, not logistics, with your own charter bus.

6. You can relax and take in the sights.

Ride around South Beach without worrying about navigation. You can look out the panoramic windows of the bus, take pictures, and play games without having to keep your eyes on the road or look up directions.

7. You’ll have a knowledgeable driver.

Need a restaurant or activity suggestion? Get insider tips and recommendations on life in South Beach from your bus driver.

8. Business professionals can stay connected.

For corporate travelers who need to stay connected, we can match you with a bus that offers wifi and power outlets at no additional cost. Conduct meetings, message clients, and receive updates during your trip.

9. Safety is our top priority.

As one of the top motor coach service providers in North America, we don’t take our responsibility to safety lightly. We only charter buses that are up-to-date on Florida’s Department of Transportation safety standards and drivers who have passed all background checks. With GOGO Charters, you can travel with confidence and assurance.

10. Your luggage and equipment stays with you.

Luggage and equipment gets separated into multiple vehicles when groups carpool, making it difficult to keep track of your items. On a motorcoach, the luggage bays underneath the buses and overhead bins inside allow for plenty of storage space. Keep all of your belongings safe on the bus until you’re ready to unload them.

Get a quote for your upcoming trip by chatting with us anytime at 1-855-826-677

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