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10 Reasons Why You Should Charter A Bus Around Tampa

Tampa is one of the finest cities to retain a charter bus service when traveling with a group of people with common interests, friends on a vacation together, family or a combination of any of these things. Tampa contains an array of special attractions, fine southern dining and a variety of other unique options, which are all perfect for a group of people using a charter bus. Chartering a bus to travel the city of Tampa has a lot of general and specific benefits. To start with, chartering a bus in Miami is going to save on wear and tear on a car, as well as mileage.


Chartering a bus in a city like Tampa allows the group a lot of control of where and when they choose to indulge in the reasons for their group visit. The convenience of chartering a bus is another thing, which adds to the quality of the primary reasons for making a charter trip to the city of Tampa. There is complete control of when and with who a group decides to travel within the city. Finally, visiting Tampa without having to cram into a caravan of personal vehicles owned by members of a group or searching for seats together and properly functioning safety belts which actually work on a public commercial bus line makes the reasons for chartering a trip to Tampa so much worth it.

1. Charter a Bus to Visit Famous Parks and Nature Attractions

Big Cat Rescue Day Tour, Busch Gardens in Tampa and the Florida Aquarium are just three of many multiple time award winning places in Tampa, which are perfect for a bigger group of people. There are plenty more though.

2. Charter a Bus to Travel to Some of Tampa's Fishing Charters and Tours

Tampa Fishing Charters, Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters and Gone Fishing Charters are just some of the wonderful charters and fishing tours to visit, and they are a perfect reason by themselves to charter a bus to go and see.

3. Use a Chartered Bus to Take in Some of Tampa's Shows and Concerts

Tampa Theatre, Straz Center for the Performing Arts and Tricks The Magic Theater are just three venues out of many to go and see live shows or concerts, and magic is something almost every group enjoys so take advantage of Tampa's performing arts.

4. Charter a Bus to Take the Group to Some of the Awesome Water and Amusement Parks

Adventure Island, Q-Zar Tampa and Grand Prix Fun Center are three water and amusement parks, which are critically acclaimed and highly rated by prior visitors. Charter a bus to visit all three in one day or one each day, but do not miss out on these places.

5. Use a Charter Bus to Tour Some of Tampa's Historic Landmarks and Sights

Sunshine Skyway, Amalie Arena and Horse Power for Kids are three of the most highly praised Tampa landmarks and sights. There are 12 other well known ones and countless besides those, but these should be definite stops on the bus tour.

6. Charter a Bus to Travel Around Tampa and Partake in All of the Fun and Game Locations

Can You Escape? Tampa, Rabbit Hole Escape Games and the Great Escape Room Tampa are famous live action game locations in Tampa well known for being enjoyed by teams and groups. Don't miss these.

7. Charter a Bus and Load It up to Take a Tour of Some of Tampa's Famous Museums

MOSI Admission in Tampa, Museum of Science and Industry and SS American Victory Mariners' Memorial and Museum Ship are three of the best museums and science centers to visit if the charter bus is full of history and science buffs.

8. Use a Charter Bus to Take One or Several of the 68 City Tours Tampa Has to Offer

Magic Carpet Glide, Ybor City Historic Walking Tours and The Brew Bus are the perfect walking tours for a group. The city of Tampa opens up and is revealed in all its splendor. Although, there are 65 more top-notch tours for the city besides these for a group on a charter bus.

9. Chartering a Bus Is the Perfect Way for a Gathering to Enjoy a Drink and a Meal at One of Tampa's Famous Breweries or Restaurants

Cigar City Brewing, Yuengling Brewery and Angry Chair Brewing are award winning breweries and restaurants, and they are perfect to take a chartered bus full of hungry and thirsty people while taking a tour of Tampa. Coincidentally, these places offer tours as well.

10. Load up a Chartered Bus and Head out for a Group Adventure to Experience Tampa's World Famous Nightlife

Topgolf Tampa, King Corona Cigars Cafe and Bar and The Tampa Improv are three of nearly 100 famous and highly rated places a group can have a great time at during the night, and they are three of thousands of other offering the Tampa area has to offer a chartered bus full of curious people.

Consider Chartering a Bus the Next Time There Is a Group Trip to Tampa

It was stated before and should be again, there are far more than 10 reasons to charter a bus to bring a group to Tampa. Tampa has a rich day and night life, and it is one of those cities, which embodies the spirit of Florida's fun and tourism. Tampa has a myriad of things to see and do for men, women and children, and it appeals to all age groups and personalities. Charter a bus to Tampa to witness a city capable of living up to all of its hype.

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