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Business employees are on the road for weeks, sometimes months at a time. Due to the regularity of such corporate travel needs, many business travelers find themselves posed with the question of whether they want to travel comfortably or affordably. But you can find a bus that is both affordable and comfortable if you travel smart. There is a middle ground to be found when traveling long distances to ensure your company travel needs are met at the right price.

Comfort is essential for your health and business success when you are riding several hours there and back. Your employees may need to rest, relax, and watch a movie, or hook up their computers to work during the ride there. Those long bus rides can be extreme, so it’s worth investing in a good seat and bus. Business travelers cannot afford to be on a 5-hour bus ride without air conditioning or comfortable seating before making it to their important business trip.

Reliable Corporate Bus Travel 

Florida Charter Bus Company is the leading bus transportation company for corporate travel in the Tampa Bay area. Business travel shouldn’t be the most stressful part of the company outing. Get chauffeured to any company from fortune 500 companies or other corporate occasions. Our goal is to accommodate the preferences of each individual traveler, reduce overall travel cost, and ensure your employees’ comfort and assurance when booking travel.

Select a transportation service for a small or large group depending on your group travel needs. If you are traveling in a small group, it is recommended that you invest in a minibus rental. Minibus rentals come in a few models, including 18-passenger and 25-passenger minibuses. However, if you are in a large group which requires more seating and luggage space, a 56-passenger charter bus may be the bus for you. Tampa Charter Buses are an affordable transportation solution for all business travelers. Tampa drivers are available for corporate events, business trips, one-time business meetings, company outings, and educational tours. Ensure your group arrives on-time to business meetings with a comfortable and accommodating experience.

Classic Features for Professionals

Choose from a wide selection of bus amenities including cushioned reclined seating, PA systems, luggage racks, TV monitors, and free Wi-Fi. You can request various sizes or adjustable features depending on your group travel needs. Corporate planners will be able to trust in Tampa Charter Bus Company to streamline their travel plans and comfortably accommodate all of their passengers.

When traveling with a long-distance bus system, your employees will need plenty of luggage storage in the luggage bays. We charter buses with optimal storage space for luggage and overhead racks for carry-ons, which will help keep the aisles clear during the drive.

Simple Bus Reservation Service

Wondering why renting a charter bus is more efficient for corporate travel? Your driver will handle navigation to and from stops. Your bus will provide you with comfortable amenities unavailable by other means of transportation. We will ensure that your employees arrive on time to business meetings. There will be no miscellaneous parking fees to pay. Finally, you will be able to keep your travel group coordinated between stops.

Business owners planning a trip need a travel planning method that is simple and consolidated. If you are searching for a group travel plan, call one of our Tampa travel representatives at (813) 381-5064 to receive a quote for your bus trip. Bus to your corporate location with your own personal driver! Invest in a simple and consolidated transportation method.

Private Buses for Any Occasion

Tampa Charter Bus Company is more than just a corporate travel service-- it is a luxury traveling experience that will help you effectively manage your trip and service all of your travel needs. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate gathering, field trip, or even sports team outings, our travel consultants are here to set your travel arrangements efficiently and with a minimum amount of hassle. Ride with trained and specialized travel professionals at a reasonable price. Don’t bus cheap. Bus comfortably. Bus with the Tampa Charter Bus Company. 

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