School Field Trip Bus Rentals in Tampa

Easy Rentals for School Groups

Educational field trips are a vital part of the learning process for so many students. School field trips benefit students of all ages and here at Tampa Charter Bus Company, we proudly provide easy transportation options for your group to enjoy important educational experiences. Whether your school group is going on a trip to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg or the Straz Center for a theater show, we ensure safe and streamlined charter reservations. We offer reliable group transportation solutions for groups of all sizes, no matter the distance.

Fun and Comfortable Travels 

Traveling through Florida can be time-consuming, and we understand the importance of comfort for long trips. Old-fashioned school buses rarely come with additional amenities to keep kids comfortable or entertained for very long. Renting a charter bus allows many options beyond what most school buses can offer.

The buses we charter include the choices of comfortable amenities like cushioned reclining seats, WiFi, and flat-screen TVs with DVD players, to keep even the smallest passengers comfortable and entertained throughout the trip. Groups traveling locally are sure to enjoy these amenities, but these are especially important for groups traveling around the state. Small classes can choose from our selection of 18-passenger20-passenger or 25-passenger minibuses, while larger groups or multiple classes may prefer a 56-passenger full-sized bus

Safe Group Travel: Safety Comes First

We understand that coordinating group travel can be stressful, especially when transporting children. Safety is one of the main concerns that come to mind, and this is our top priority when serving all of our customers. The fleet of buses we charter are manned by professional drivers who are experienced in safely transporting groups to and from various destinations. Rest assured, Tampa Charter Bus Company prioritizes the safety and happiness of our customers above all else.

Beyond Just Field Trips

Charter rentals are not only a good option for traditional field trips to museums, cultural centers, and historic sites in Tampa, but can be used for other school-related events. School sports trips, celebratory graduation trips, and school-organized college tours are just a few other ways charter buses can be perfect for school groups. As travel experts, we’ve provided buses for all types of travel, including weddings and business trips. If your school club or organization requires a charter bus or minibus rental, we’re happy to transport students and chaperones for any occasion. 

Affordable Trips for Schools

Calculating travel costs can be a bit confusing and difficult for large groups when renting a charter bus or minibus. Tampa Charter Bus Company is the premier choice in Florida for school travels. We have experienced reservation representatives available 24/7 to help you through the rental process. Our representatives will help you find the most affordable and suitable bus based on your group’s size and the travel distance. We are here anytime at (813) 381-5064 to assist you in choosing the best rental option to meet your school group’s needs. Call us for a free personalized quote today!


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