Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Charter Bus Rentals

Have a few questions about renting a bus in Florida? We’re here to help! Here are just a few of the most asked questions we get about booking a Florida charter bus rental:

What types of trips do you service in Florida?

Florida Charter Bus Company services all types of trips across the state. We’ve provided bus rentals and group transportation logistics for a variety of occasions like business events, school trips, destination weddings, and so much more. Whatever your event is, we have a transportation solution for you. 

Do you offer long-distance charter bus rentals?

Florida is a big state, and traveling from city to city can be a long haul. We offer bus rentals anywhere in Florida. So you can easily travel from Miami to Tallahassee or Orlando to Pensacola without a sweat. 

Can my group travel out of state?

On some occasions, we can provide out-of-state bus rentals. Inquire about out-of-state trips with your rental representative at the time of booking.

Is there a minimum or maximum time I can rent a bus?

All trips require a 5-hour rental minimum. We can accommodate long-term and recurring trips. Your Florida Charter Bus Company rental expert can organize long-term rental terms and a contract, if necessary. 

How much does it cost to rent a charter bus in Florida?

Rental costs vary depending on multiple factors. Our guide to Florida charter bus rental prices will help give you an idea of how our prices work. Keep in mind that no two trips will cost the same, so the only way to get a 100% accurate cost estimate is by calling 305-359-5975 for a quote.

Do I have to put a deposit down for my trip?

Deposit requirements can be anywhere from 10% to 30%, depending on your trip and the transportation partner you’re paired with. Your rental expert will let you know how much your deposit will be at the time of booking. The full balance of your trip will need to be paid at least 14 days prior to the beginning of your trip. 

How can I pay for my charter bus rental?

We accept credit cards and checks for payments. International travelers may also pay by ACH or wire transfer. You may provide payment over the phone with your rental expert or check out securely online through your emailed quote.

How far in advance do I need to book my charter bus?

Groups should usually book their Florida charter bus rental at least 3 months in advance. Cities like Miami and Orlando tend to have high bus demands in peak travel seasons like summer and spring. If your trip falls during these busy times, it's highly recommended you secure your bus as far in advance as possible. We recommend at least 6 months in advance for peak season travel plans.

What types of buses does Florida Charter Bus Company offer?

Florida Charter Bus Company’s network consists of multiple transportation partners with a variety of different minibus and charter bus models. Minibus models are usually offered for small and medium-sized groups with up to 25 passengers. Larger charter bus rentals are available for big events and are highly recommended for comfortably long-distance travel. The availability of certain models may vary depending on your city and when you’re traveling.

Do you offer party bus rentals?

We don’t generally offer party bus rentals. Depending on the city, party bus rentals may be offered with limited availability.

Do you have ADA-accessible buses available?

ADA-accessible charter bus rentals are available in our network throughout Florida. When you call to book your Florida charter bus rental, notify your reservation representative about what accessible features your group will need. ADA-accessible buses can be equipped with wheelchair lifts, additional handrailing, and other features to make sure all passengers are traveling comfortably.

Can I drink and smoke on my bus?

Drinking may be permitted on your charter bus with prior approval. Some of our transportation partners prohibit drinking onboard. Others allow drinking on board with notice from your rental expert. Smoking cigarettes and other substances are not permitted on any bus.

Can I drive my charter bus rental?

Passengers are strictly prohibited from driving their bus, even if they have a valid CDL license. The only person who may operate your bus is the professional driver assigned to your trip.

Do I need to provide accommodations for my driver?

Groups traveling multiple days or overnight will need to provide comfortable lodging accommodation for their driver. Your driver will need to rest at least 8 hours for every 10 hours of driving.

Am I required to tip my charter bus driver?

Tipping is not required but it’s highly recommended. Charter bus drivers often work long hours and work hard to keep everyone safe while traveling. Providing them with a tip that is equal to 5-15% of your total trip cost is recommended.

Do I have to pay for parking my bus?

Yes, the cost of parking your bus at your destination will be up to you. Parking and toll costs will not be included in your rental quote, as we cannot predetermine these costs for most destinations.

Have further questions?

Don’t hesitate to give the Florida Charter Bus Company team a call at 305-359-5975 to inquire about our group transportation services. One of our team members will help you get into a Florida charter bus rental suited right for you.