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From warm beaches to high-end restaurants to beautiful, expansive parks, there’s something for everyone in Jacksonville, Florida. Let Jacksonville Charter Bus company be the ones to transport you to every destination on your itinerary! We’re your #1 choice for bus rentals in the Jacksonville area, chartering a variety of bus types for every group and occasion. Once you’ve planned your trip, we’ll be here to book the perfect bus for you, equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Charter A Bus Around Jacksonville

Are you looking for a great place to have some outdoor fun in Jacksonville, Florida. Instead of searching through expensive limousines and rental cars, you may want to look at taking a charter bus around Jacksonville. With this method, you can book your trip and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Why would someone choose a charter bus transportation over a plane or rental car?

1. Much Cheaper

If you are the type of traveler who wants to stick with a tight budget, that can sometimes be difficult when working with multiple companies. The advantage of choosing a charter bus is how you can create a more predictable budget because you will be speaking with a single company for everything that you need. With this method, you do not have to worry about overspending on the mode of transportation, which gives you money for the more important areas of travel. What are the areas that will be cheaper with a charter bus?

  • Don't Have to Fill up the Gas Tank
  • Set Price That Keeps Your Spending Predictable
  • No Buying Maps or Hiring a Tour Guide

2. No Stressing the Direction

If you are new to Jacksonville, it can be easy to get lost. That means wasting gas and stressing about getting to the right place on time. When you choose bus charter, the bus driver will have knowledge of the area, which means that getting lost is unheard of.

3. Ensures Your Safety

Named after the seventh United States president, Andrew Jackson, they originally called Jacksonville Cowford because of the cows that were herded over the St. John's River. When you hire a bus charter company, they will have somewhat of a responsibility to ensure that you stay safe. In addition, they will be responsible for maintaining the vehicle, which is altogether different with a rental car. Bus drivers are considered to be some of brightest and best drivers in the business of transportation. They also have to pass a certification that means you have greater safety on the road.

4. Enjoy Jacksonville with the Best Amenities

Buses will often have excellent amenities built into their transportation systems. For example, many will feature a bathroom, comfortable seating and a reclining area. You can also find a bus with a strong Internet connection, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system, which is fantastic if you are taking a long 12 hour bus ride to Jacksonville. You do not have to feel bored for the entirety of the bus ride.

5. Riding in Comfort

Many bus charters will feature spacious and beautifully designed interiors that have been furnished for maximum convenience and comfort. A lot of these buses come with working TVs so that you can ride while enjoying a good movie. However, once you reach Jacksonville, the excitement never stops. Despite Florida's reputation as a hot spot for hurricanes, Jacksonville has only been hit by a hurricane once since 1871. Choosing a bus that features excellent seating is truly a good choice because if you are going to be riding for long hours in a vehicle, it can get somewhat uncomfortable. You also may have to stop at hotels to rest, but with many of the bus charters, you will be on the road for longer because the drivers will trade places.

6. Finding a Bus Tailored to Your Needs

The advantage of riding a bus charter for your tour through Jacksonville is that you can tailor it to specific things that you and your company would enjoy. Book a minibus rental tailored to local travel to even book a charter bus rental to 30A for long-distance, large-scale tours and vacations.If you are looking for the more budget-friendly locations in Jacksonville, a charter can help you to find them. Some of the locations that are friendlier to the budget include:

7. Easier to Receive a Discount

If you are planning to visit Jacksonville as a group, a rental car is probably out of the question. Should you choose to take a plane, you have to go through a lot of tedious security measures, and you're not going to receive a discount at the end of the day. However, if you board a bus as a group, you will oftentimes receive a discount that makes traveling more affordable.

8. Everyone Arrives at the Same Time

Instead of waiting for everyone to arrive at the destination, a charter bus ensures that everyone will be on the same route to Jacksonville, and they will arrive at the same time. It eliminates the risk of showing up late. This is especially important if you are renting a charter bus to EverBank Stadium to see a Panthers game, or any other time-sensitive event. 

9. Easier Planning of the Itinerary

Have you ever booked a rental car and tried to plan an itinerary around it? That can be extraordinarily confusing. With a charter bus, you can make your plans fast, and you will also be given a friendly tour guide who lets you customize the activities that you want to participate in. They will also keep your interests in mind, and because they are knowledgeable of the Jacksonville area, you do not need to buy a map or hire a separate. Some of the excellent activities to participate in in Jacksonville include:

  • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens
  • The Atlantic Beach
  • The Friendship Foundation
  • Castaway Island Preserve

10. Fun Way to Travel

If you take a rental car, you have to deal with the Jacksonville traffic, and you have little chance to sight see from the vehicle. With bus, your entire job will be to snap pictures and enjoy the ride because there are no other responsibilities. Taking a charter bus to Jacksonville makes sense because it lets you relish the experience. You do not get that when you are the driver.

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