Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your Orlando Charter Bus Rental Costs

If you're interested in booking an Orlando charter bus rental, one of your top concerns is likely about how much your ride will cost. At Orlando Charter Bus Company, we personalize all of our group transportation services to the specific needs of each group. So Orlando charter bus pricing for a private group of friends visiting Disney World will greatly differ from school trip rentals to the Kennedy Space Center. The only way to get a 100% accurate cost for your Orlando bus rental is by contacting our team for a quote at 321-206-6444. One of our representatives will answer all of your charter bus rental questions and get you a free quote!

Keep on reading to learn more about how we determine Orlando bus rental pricing and see examples of how we generate quotes.

Bus Type *Per Hour *Per Day *Per Mile
Charter Bus $127 – $180 $1,310 – $1,665 $4.00 – $4.95
Minibus $115 – $150 $1,215 – $1,445 $3.90 – $4.90

*The above rates are estimates and may not reflect the actual cost of your bus rental. Your price will be determined by the factors outlined below. Daily rentals require a five-hour minimum and may incur extra charges for mile overages. Please call 321-206-64444 for a personalized, accurate quote. 

How to Determine Orlando Charter Bus Rentals Pricing

There are a variety of factors that will be taken into account when determining your Orlando charter bus cost. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • When you’re traveling: Certain times of year are more expensive to book an Orlando charter bus rental. These travel seasons can include summer and major holidays.
  • Where you’re traveling: Local trips with fewer sops will generally cost less than long-distance trips from Orlando with several pickup/dropoff points.
  • How long you’re traveling: Trips are quoted by the hour, day, or occasionally by the miles. There is a 5-hour rental minimum for all trips.
  • The size of your group: Your group size will determine the type of vehicle you need and how many rentals you’ll require for your trip.
  • How far in advance you book: Typically, the further in advance you book, the better rate you’ll receive. We recommend groups book at least 3 months in advance for most trips.
  • The type of bus you request: Larger models of vehicles are typically more expensive than minibus rentals. Some upscale vehicles with additional amenities may have a higher rental cost.

An Orlando Charter Bus Company rental representative will take all of this information into account when building a personalized quote before your trip.

Your quote will include the following:

  • The hourly or daily rental rate of your charter bus
  • Pay for your professional driver
  • Full coverage insurance
  • Fuel

Your quote will NOT include:

  • Parking, tolls, and fees outside of our control
  • Lodging for your driver (accommodations are required for overnight trips)
  • Tip for your driver (highly recommended)
  • Cleaning fees (only assessed if your bus is left messy)

Here are a few trips with example pricing to illustrate how we determine the cost of bus rentals for different occasions.

The Universal Orlando Friends Trip

A group of 14 friends from Tampa are planning an adults-only theme park trip at Universal Orlando Resort to celebrate a birthday. They plan a trip of 3 days/2 nights to explore both parks at Universal, penning in plenty of time to explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The group decided it would be best to reserve a shuttle bus rental from Tampa to Orlando for this trip. They book a 15-passenger minibus rental with a professional driver to take care of traffic and keep traveling like birthday VIPs. The group pays a daily rate of $1,200 for 3 days, as well as a  2-night stay at a hotel for their driver at $70 a night.

Bus rental cost: $1,200/day x 3 days = $3,600

Driver lodging: $70/night x 2 nights = $140

Overnight bus parking: $40/night x 2 nights = $80

Driver tip= $250

Estimated trip cost = $4,070 or $290 per person

The Orlando School Trip to the Orlando Science Center

An Orlando school is looking to book a field trip charter bus rental for a day at the Orlando Science Center. The school is taking 4 fourth grade classes to the center for a fun day of educational activities, starting with pickup at 9 am and dropoff back at school around 2 pm. One of our representatives recommends that they book 2 full-size charter bus rentals for their 83 students and 10 chaperones. Since the school will be gone for less than a day, they will be charged by the hour. The rental will cost $150/hr per bus for 5 hours.

Bus rental cost: $150/hr x 5 hours x 2 buses = $1,500

Driver tip: $70 x 2 drivers = $140
Estimated trip cost: $1,640

The Corporate Expo at Orange County Convention Center

A group of corporate event planners are organizing a massive two-day expo at the Orange County Convention Center. They want to provide a corporate shuttle service across Orlando to improve the attendee experience. These shuttles will be used to pick up guests at local airports, hotels, or office spaces. The event planning team decided to book 3 minibus shuttles in Orlando to run on different routes throughout the expo, allowing attendees easy arrivals and departures. The shuttles will start picking up guests at 8 am and will periodically run throughout the day until the expo wraps up at 4 pm. This will be the schedule for both expo days. Since the event will be running for two full days, the planning team is quoted $1,250 per day, per bus.

Bus rental cost: $1,250/day x 3 buses x 2 days = $7,500

Driver tip: $70 x 3 drivers = $750

Estimated trip cost: $8,250

Book an Orlando Charter Bus at the Right Price

Do you still have a few questions about booking a charter bus rental in Orlando? One of our team members is available around the clock at 321-206-6444 to answer your questions about Orlando charter bus pricing and to provide you with a free quote.