Now that you’re considering renting a Florida charter bus, you may be wondering: who will be driving it? Is it someone I can count on to be there on time? Are they going to be familiar with the area? Are they a safe driver with a clean background check? 

We at Florida Charter Bus Company are happy to shed some light on these questions for you.

Each charter bus driver in our network will meet the following criteria:

  • A clean background check
  • Pass a hearing and vision test
  • Successfully complete a driving performance exam
  • Pass random drug and alcohol screenings

But these are just the basics! And at Florida Charter Bus Company, we go beyond the basics. Each Florida charter bus driver is committed to your safety and enjoyment of the trip.

You can also expect your bus driver to take these extra steps:

  • They will aim to arrive at least ten minutes early to make time for loading or unloading
  • They will regularly inspect your Florida bus rental 
  • They will be friendly and knowledgeable of the area in Florida you’re traveling to
  • They will help you load your luggage if needed

Imagine arriving at the airport with your group, and a friendly bus driver is there to help you with your bags. Or you are heading to a corporate outing, and a professional driver navigates rush hour traffic for you while you’re free to powwow with your group. When you rent a charter bus in Florida from Florida Charter Bus Company, you can count on a driver that’s committed to your safety and enjoyment during the ride.

How You Can Help Your Bus Driver

Plan for regular breaks

Keep in mind, your bus driver will need to take regular breaks to eat, rest up, and be ready to drive your Florida bus rental to the best of their ability. Your bus driver can only remain on duty for 15 hours, and can only operate a bus for 10 consecutive hours before they are legally required to take an 8-hour break. These regulations are put in place for everybody’s safety.

Book comfortable overnight accommodations

If you happen to be traveling overnight, you will also need to be sure to provide a hotel room for your bus driver so they can rest up. Be sure to call ahead to different hotels when planning your trip. Some hotels offer oversized vehicle parking, so that it’s easy for your bus driver and group to hit the road first thing in the morning. You may also be able to find a hotel that can provide a room for your bus driver at a discounted rate if you ask.

When all is said and done, a professional charter bus driver for your next Florida wedding, corporate outing, or other event will make your travel experience much smoother. If you can, be sure to take care of your bus driver for taking care of you! While it isn’t required, most groups tend to give a 5% to 10% cash tip to their bus driver at the end of the trip.

Book a Bus with a Reliable Driver

Looking for group transportation services in Florida for your next event in the Sunshine State? You’re in luck! As a leading charter bus company in Florida, we connect groups with charter bus rentals in Florida for any occasion. Whether it’s catching a Lightning game or other sporting event in Tampa, a private vacation to Disney World in Orlando, or a beach wedding in Miami, we can pair you with the best bus driver and the perfect bus rental in Florida for you. 

If you have any more questions about charter bus rentals in Florida or are ready to book your bus, feel free to give us a call at 305-359-5975! We are available 24/7.