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Taking the first bite of an authentic Wagyu burger, digging into the most luxurious insalata pera cotta, and delving into an ambrosia tres capas de chocolate are all experiences that can be shared with loved ones and strangers alike. When you indulge with a group of hungry people, the only thing that matters is the feeling of mutual satisfaction after a good meal—all taxing conversations and awkward first impressions are long forgotten.

We at Miami Charter Bus Company seek to chase that feeling. The moment when a group of hungry people get together for a special occasion, such as a company dinner, anniversary party or a celebratory sports event, is what we live for. We want to be a part of your journey, knowing that it’ll wrap up with a happy ending. To make your group trip memorable, we decided to compile a list of the top group restaurants in Miami that not only serve incredible dishes, but also have the most phenomenal views (they’re insta-worthy—we checked).

Each restaurant caters to small and large groups, which works out since we offer the best group bus transportation to complete your day or night. Since it’s sweltering in Miami all year round, traveling in a climate-controlled bus is probably the best way to keep you cool and collected. Also, if you overeat, guess what? We have reclining seats for that very purpose. Sit back, take a nap and before you know it you’ll arrive at your destination in no time.

Moreover, each bus can be customized entirely with amenities of your choice. If your group needs wireless internet access to liaise with their team or take pictures, we can add free WiFi to your charter bus rental, along with charging outlets for when the electronics are low on battery. If you’re traveling with kids, we also offer onboard AV entertainment. Plug in a movie to keep the children quiet on your trip to some of Miami’s best eateries. Lastly, to ensure that everyone can take part, we also provide ADA-accessible coaches to make everyone’s journey easier.

All you need to do is contact our 24/7 reservation team at 305-742-0966 to reserve your private shuttle to one of Miami’s finest spots. Let us handle the rest.


Lobster tail
15th Street Fisheries

Location: 1900 SE 15th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Seafood and coastal dishes

What’s the best way to consume seafood? Fresh from the Fort Lauderdale marina! Although, if you said “deep-fried,” we can assure you there are no wrong answers. 15th Street Fisheries is the place to go when you’re looking to get away from the congestion of the city. The spectacular waterfront views set the ultimate mood and tone for a quiet, yet serene dinner. At night, the restaurant is beautifully adorned with fairy lights and candles, making it the unparalleled spot for anniversary or wedding parties.

15th Street Fisheries has several private and semi-private rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 325 guests. To make things even more exciting, each room has its own customized group dining menu, which includes delicious entrées such as coconut-crusted shrimp, lobster tail, or mahi mahi with frites. Groups can also choose to opt for Reception Platters or Bar Packages based on their budget.

Bus Tip: If you’re hosting a large party that has a guest list of 200 people, feel free to book 4 56-passenger charter bus rentals to ensure that your group sticks together. Prefer smaller bus sizes? We’ll put together a custom fleet of minibus shuttles just for you.

Cuban sandwich
Versailles Restaurant

Location: 3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135
Cuisine: Cuban delicacies

Does the exterior of Versailles Restaurant look a tad familiar to you? It’s because this local favorite was featured in the movie “Chef,” starring Jon Favreau and Sofia Vergara! In addition to its well-known presence, this Cuban hotspot can seat around 275 people and is decorated with radiant chandeliers, mirrors and geometric paneling—an ode to the Palace of Versailles in France.

When it comes to eating, groups gather at Versailles Restaurant for none other than their famous Cuban sandwich. Its buttery, flaky texture along with the juicy ham and pork leaves customers wanting more. Other frequently ordered dishes include the assorted empanadas, ceviche tropical, and the assorted croquettes.

Bus Tip: If you’re a group of meat-lovers, this is definitely the right restaurant to add to your Miami itinerary. Once your custom itinerary is in place, Florida Charter Bus Company will provide your group transportation for a stress-free trip.

Greek salad
Santorini by Georgios

Location: 101 Ocean Drive, Pool – Beach Side, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Get a glimpse of the iconic Greek island at Santorini by Georgios, an oceanside dining spot located on South Beach. Inside, the blue-and-white color palette pays homage to the architecture in Santorini. Along with a vivid decal of the Aegean sea tastefully placed in their main dining area, the colors make this the ideal place to eat for those suffering from a severe case of wanderlust.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party or celebrating a loved one’s birthday, your group has the option to reserve space for a private party or dine at the stunning Bentley Beach Club Additionally, this restaurant caters to all dietary restrictions—from their original Greek salad to the shrimp Mykonos, there’s something for everyone at Santorini by Georgios.

Bus Tip: Store your beach bags on your bus’s overhead racks and storage bays if you’re planning to visit the beach after eating. Need to shuttle guests between your party and your hotel? Book a minibus for easy group transportation!

Zak the Baker

Location: 295 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127
Cuisine: Baked goods

If you’re looking for a quick bite in a trendy location, you have to stop by Zak the Baker in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. This bakery and cafe is located in a technicolor painted building, which fits perfectly in Miami’s arts district. You’ll find a variety of baked goods, including certified kosher items like danishes, babka, challah, and croissants. Along with a long list of fresh baked goods, the cafe also serves up classic sandwiches, soups, and salads. Grab avocado toast or nova on a bagel for breakfast or order up a tasty tuna melt and soups made from locally sourced vegetables.

Zak the Baker is popular for take-out and delivery but usually offers dine-in options that are suitable for groups.

Bus Tip: As with most establishments in Wynwood, this bakery does not have a private parking lot. Groups traveling by car can utilize a public garage located across the street while diners traveling by charter bus will need to find street parking.

Carbonara pasta
Fratellino Ristorante

Location: 64 Miracle Mile, Miami, FL 33134
Cuisine: Italian

Interested in visiting a place that has all the charm of an authentic Italian trattoria and all the love of your Nonna’s cooking? Then plan a visit to Fratellino Ristorante, Miami’s very own Italian gem that seeks to invoke a feeling of nostalgia for Italian immigrants everywhere. Their cozy, dimly lit dining rooms coupled with lopsided photographs featuring happy faces maintain a casual, homey vibe for groups looking to kick back and relax. Their menu includes delectable Italian dishes, such as penne pasta alla carbonara. For those that have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to polish off your meal with their popular tiramisu or the apple tart served with vanilla-flavored gelato!

Bus Tip: Plan to have your bus driver drop off your group at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden after dining at Fratellino. Located just 16 minutes away, it’s the perfect place to walk off your impending food coma.

Hawaiian poke bowl
Crazy About You

Location: 1155 Brickell Bay Dr #101, Miami, FL 33131
Cuisine: Spanish, Italian and American fusion

If you’re a sucker for modern art, then you’ll be absolutely crazy about Crazy About You (we couldn’t resist). With enormous Warhol-esque prints of famous people, statues of multicolored bears and skillfully placed typography, it is truly a haven for art aficionados. The menu features a variety of options, ranging from the savory calamari al pepperoncini flatbread to a fresh Hawaiian tuna poke bowl. Since Crazy About You is located right next to the waterfront, there are several options for groups of 20 and more to be seated outside or in private sections inside the restaurant.

Bus Tip: If your phone battery is about to die during a corporate gathering, you have the option to charge your phone on the bus while you enjoy a stress-free dinner with your colleagues. Ask your reservation specialist about including power outlets on your charter bus so that no one has to go dark during your trip.


Location: 1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Cuisine: Asian fusion

This posh rooftop eatery is located on Miami Beach and offers sweeping, views of the city and glimpses of the water. It’s a popular spot for swanky dinners and upscale group celebrations. Juvia’s menu is heavily influenced by Asian cuisine and also includes tastes of French and American flavors. Enjoy the views and order up tasty bites plates of Korean marinated short rib, seared tuna, salmon nashi, and Chilean seabass.

Private events can be hosted at Juvia with prior reservations. Be sure to inquire with the restaurant’s events team well in advance to discuss your private dining needs.

Bus Tip: If you’re traveling in a personal vehicle you can easily find parking in the garage neighboring the restaurant. oversized vehicles like charter buses will need to utilize street parking along Lenox Avenue or nearby roads.

Surf and turf platter featuring steaks and shrimp
Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

Location: 1000 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130
Cuisine: New American

Didn’t like Crazy About You as much as you thought you would? Check out their partner joint, Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita for an all-round enjoyable experience. The place setting and ambiance of the restaurant is upscale and refined, with plush beige and dark brown leather chairs, avant-garde architectural pieces, and sheer black curtains that behave as dividers. This is the spot you would visit for a rehearsal dinner or extended family gathering, as it never fails to impress any customer that walks in. Their menu is diverse, with the opportunity to taste several dishes such as porcini mushroom tortellini, short ribs risotto or vegetable quinoa pad thai. If you want to take it easy, go for the surf & turf or cocktail (tapa) spread. Keep in mind that parties with over 11 people are eligible for the Group Menu, and can choose to eat Family Style or French Style.

Bus Tip: If you’ve offered to provide group transportation for guests attending your rehearsal dinner, we can wrap the bus for an additional fee to fit the theme of the night.

Fish ceviche

Location: 105 NE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33132
Cuisine: Peruvian

Interested in checking out sophisticated South American cuisine? To ensure that you have a phenomenal first-time experience, make a trip to CVI.CHE 105 for the ultimate lesson on Peruvian cooking. With over 6,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and 3000 reviews on Yelp, it is, by far, miles apart from any restaurant operating in the same field. The dining area is highlighted by white, state-of-the-art marble furniture with an open-plan eating space. Since they allow groups of up to 100 guests, it’s a fitting place to take your sports team after a successful game. If you’re looking to try flavorful seafood, the entrada combinada (a group platter) is a good place to start. Followed by the trilogía de ceviches and the fuente pacífico, everyone will be satisfied and stuffed to the brim.

Bus Tip: Have a long journey ahead of you? Request a charter bus with on-board restrooms to help reduce pit stops.

Sushi platter

Location: 3252 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137
Cuisine: Japanese, Asian

Walking into SUGARCANE is like entering the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland. The entrance is bordered by a thick barrier of lush green plants that conceal the place almost entirely. In addition, the delicately carved arch bearing the restaurant’s name, followed by the twinkling fairy lights, create an ethereal atmosphere. The outdoor patio seating can accommodate large groups of hungry customers and is a unique way to connect with nature and close friends. Since the menu is primarily Asian fusion, your group can choose to split an order of bacon-wrapped dates or shishito peppers for the table. Main courses can consist of sushi platters, grilled seafood and roasted meats.

Bus Tip: Need to deposit your electronics in a safe place? Rely on the overhead bus cabins for all your storage needs.

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